$65 4.12 VESC on Banggood?

Umm I just saw this on Banggood, $65 for a “HGLRC-Flipsky FSESC 4.12” has anyone else seen this or is it relatively new? I think I’m gonna get one to try out cause hell it’s only $65(was on sale for a bit) https://banggood.app.link/XB2wp7abUN

EDIT: Thanks @mccloed for the even cheaper link, $63(was also on sale for a bit) on RCmoment https://www.rcmoment.com/p-rm10362.html



I think @Hummie ordered a few?

They also have their antisparks https://www.banggood.com/1PC-HGLRC-Flipsky-Six-Type-Anti-spark-Switch-For-Electric-Longboard-Rc-Car-E-Bike-Parts-p-1297264.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

nice 10 cha

Till it fails and you street face.

Ey it’ll be fun to you do! But yeah no clue the quality of these things. Could be complete junk, might not be to bad, gonna have to test em out.

THer is also on Ali. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/taobao-aliexpress-bangood-alibaba-all-the-chinese-deals-here-community-log/57716 You can also had the deal to the thread so we have them all together :laughing:

We have used these on a couple of builds and they are still holding up. 10s FOC. I think RC Movement has them for slightly cheaper. https://www.rcmoment.com/p-rm10362.html

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After my experience last year, I’ll stick with focbox… maybe I’m just too heavy for these controllers

$63 wtf these are cheap lol. And they’ve been holding up well under FOC at 10S, that’s impressive. Gonna add that link to the the main post.

@rey8801 Problem with Taobao & Alibaba is there meant for higher quantity orders and are a lot more of a pain to order from than Banggood or RCmoment.

those esc are also on aliexpress

With Ali I meant Aliexpress :wink:

yea i got two that sit here unused waiting.

i just bought one, i mean once the vesc came out it was very expensive compared to now, the more EV are beeing made the more the prices gonna drop imo.


Let we know if you also like it. I heard good things about it

guys the vesc on banggood is even only 58€ rn!!! the sale ends on 27juni


Which site is that?

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Has anyone tried running these on 12s?