$650 US Pre-Built Board What? The "Mach 1"

Okay! Now brief introductions who dont know me, im Alex, Owner of www.aatorquesystems.com and create the best value Electric Long boards out there! (Its a opinion :smiley: )

Now the next thing to be released by me would the “Mach 1” the more economical version of the “Mach 1 Elite” Which i have gotten amazing support from the community by the way! Now im trying to hit a market that many E-Builders and Esk8 Companies i feel have not covered enough, the Value Board! The “Mach 1” Is (what im hoping to ) Going to cover that gap. Beacuse in False Economy Thread is seems that DIY way can have it issues from really saving money, From cost of tools, to even user error. Since seeing this i have been trying to find the way of making a sub $700 Board that kick butt! We are now for sale at www.aatorquesystems.com


Mach 1 7Ply Canadian Maplewood Deck. 6365 Motor 3000w 200KV 10s2p 6Ah, or upgrade for a 9AH 15t to 36t Pulley kit 15MM 255mm Belt
50 Degree Caliber stle truck. 90mm Black 83A Wheels Vacumm Formed Enclosures 3/16 Vesc (With the Extra Caps) Legacy Off/On Switch For reliability. 42v 45a BMS 42v 2a Charger Loaded Hardware

The feel of the deck Is great, thanks to much time and work, we gave our decks some flex to it. Allowing for some absorption of any less then ideal roads. This Longboard was the solution to not having to buy anymore Chinese Crap boards. We are using parts I have used personally and I’m a big guy (220lb) so you know they will work with you. You will start seeing the reviews showing up on the boards anytime now. Everyone who has got there’s is just in love with the torque and overall feel for the board.

New Boards will be shipped out with the new deck, due to Wheel clearance from the drop through.


This is hundreds od times better than that first one couple month ago. Really love that drop-thru deck!

Do assemble motor/s back side of reae truck? Because i think that in front of rear truck motor is going to take hit due to low clearance.

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I like this a lot. Basically like an Evolve board :wink:

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Lord I would hope so :joy:

They are mounted on the rear, This is due to you guessed it! Clearance, Like @Pantologist Said its like a Evolve Style without a evolve price tag.

@Alextech Looking good, man! I also like that deck, and the little forward arrow. Lol. Could your deck accommodate 90mm wheels without wheel bite becoming an issue? I’m trying to make 90’s work on my new drop through for the smoother ride and it’s a challenge.

What kind of range and speed are you shooting for with this setup? If you want someone local to help test or ride with sometime, I live/work in the Santa Rosa area.

Im riding 97mm on them with some wheel bite, so 90’s should be killer! Id love to get some people trying the board out so that can easily work out! Im getting close to 23mph and about 16miles on a 10s3p

90mm is a good size. You can also make wheel wells in the deck to use 97mm wheels.

Yeah, I’ve like the idea of 90’s they seem to be a happy medium for end users.

Nice to see your progress with your commercial builds. You asked the community for constructive criticism, got it, and adapted without getting defensive or irritated. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!


“I’m the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity” -Albert Einstein

Thank you! Hopefully with every difficulty I face I can find the opportunity within it.

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Nice board, great price. Keep building and improving. It looks promising.

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Thanks! I was trying to go for what I found most customers wanted in a Eboards without to many compromises! Hopefully I can give those Chinese poo a run for there money.

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This is a very cool vision (and setup). Perhaps a TRUE value board! For a serious rider, the value doesn’t appear to be lacking where it counts most. Which is unique.

Count me in for one. At least one.

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Haha if your truly interested, I have enough in my invetory to get one started for you now :smiley:

Thank you so much! I had to jump numerous hoops. But I hope that the customers don’t need to drop another $700 if they want a faster, or better quality board.

Can’t wait for mine :sunglasses:

All the best getting this off the ground, Alex! Having looked around a lot I think the “budget/introduction” e-board market is ripe for the taking.

Where can we order?

They are not yet on our website beacuse small tweaks have to be made, but! If you want your can PM me and we can take your Pre-order and you could be one of the first to get the board.

To keep this thread posted here is a board that will be going out