6880 motors 170kv?

I was just thinking about 6880 kV from 140 up to 170kv what do most prefer?

street or mountain board?

Mtb trampaboard

If it’s for your quad 170kV should be fine. If it’s for dual I would go with 140kV. Didn’t you already order the 140kV anyway?

Yes 140kv coming X5… lol…reason 140kv at the time was more tourque for the quad…see how it goes…

It goes well just a bit more slowly, but for this you could change your gearing as well in case it’s too slow for you.

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Top end you mean? I have heli gearbox on all my wheels 2wd. And 4x4

I was thinking about 20-30km tourque mostly…40km is my top speed.

You never calculate your top speed before you decide which motor kV and gearing to buy? You know there are some calculators out which give you the opportunity to do so.

No just trying different things…have another trampaboard coming for build number 3

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