6S 12A LIPO batteries: is it a good deal considering only 10C?

I have found this offer but I am not sure whether the 10C rating would be sufficient for something like a Turnigy 6374 190Kv

12Ah * 10C =120A so that should easily be enough for an ESK8. However I’ve heard that multistar often overstates their C ratings so it would be wise to buy a different brand or go with a higher C rating.

Ive got some of these. They are okay, nothing special.

Should be fine if you got a good deal on it

what about this ones? are them ok? anyone knows about them, its quite good price and I’m thinking buying it, 50% discount…

What do you mean with nothing special?

Well, I mean; it is not perfect. Sometimes it will discharge unevenly. When discharging unevenly it takes a lot of time to balance charge it again. But that is properly going to happen on most LiPos… I just find that it happens a bit more often on the Multistar batteries.

the motor size isn’t the issue it’s whatever amp limit you set on the esc to go to the motor. multistar are estimated at like 4c, I think it was, as decided by testing on endless-sphere. the 16ah pack and 12s (with higher voltage allowing even less amp draw) will be good and you likely wont have any voltage sag.

a friend suggest this:

‘‘but I just discoverd something about the 16Ah pack its a 6S2P pack so that means 12Cells, each 8Ah
and the 12Ah pach is 6S1P so that means each cell is 12Ah so the 16Ah pack looks even better :thinking:’’??

what do you think?