6s+2s - charging lipo

I have lipo 6s and 2s. They have the same brand, model, discharge rate, capacity… I want to combine them in a 8s series

How to charge the battery? My lipo charger supports only 6s

Your charger only support 6s or till 6s? If it’s till 6s than just disconnect them and charge them up after each other.

till 6s - yes, I know :wink: Is it possible to both charge at the same time? Without the next charger. Now I have to charge both up to 100%…

You can get a bms and a charger for 8s. Or a balanced charger for 8s but than you need to modify the two balance plugs from your battery to one plug.


Do you recommend any model bms for 8s/10s?

Look for bestech, maybe there is a group buy here too. Need to search. If no there also some bms which you can program from 2-12s. Have seen people here speaking good about it but unfortunately no link to the hand. 10s bms shouldn’t be a problem to get.

Cheap charge only bms module can be bought on eBay. Make sure you get the correctly volataged power supply to charge 8s. 8x4.2 = 33.6v cc/cv charger

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