6S, 6364 245 kV Speed Guess

Hey everyone! Here’s the build so far.

-Enertion Mono Drive Kit -6364 245 kV SK3 Motor -6S (x2 3S 5000 mAh 30C Turnigy Batteries) Enertion VESC (~180 lb. Rider)

What kind of speed am I looking at? I used the calculator tool, wanted to see what personal experience was. Couldn’t quite find the same configuration looking through the forum posts. Love the community here!

you are probably looking at 20-22mph.


Calculate here

I have, I was wondering what personal experience people would comment on because the calculator doesn’t consider amperes or motor selection @Michaelinvegas

actually it does. voltage and motor = speed by kv per volt. amps will equal acceleration and less affect on top speed. Unless you really screw up and get crappy batteries they will not limit your speed.

as long as you get high output batteries (i target 100a constant amps capacity) so something like 5000mAh 20c packs. If you get small 2200mAh 20c - you might “starve” your motor and either damage your battery, or have crap performance, or likely both.

What speed do you want? and are you set on 6s?

I’m going with the 6S for now, I’m just looking at using this thing to go back and forth in the city and to class. I know a hard limiter can be set within the VESC BLDC tool, I’d like to get everything set first - 20 mph sounds alright for now. If I feel like upgrading to 8S, I’ll put the money down for it

@sl33py Now that I’m thinking about it, could I just add a third 3S in series (granted I had enough room under the board) to form a 9S? That’d be upwards of 26-27 mph… not sure if the Enertion VESC would be able to handle that

I used to run a 6s power board with a 245kv SKS 6364, 16/36 gearing and 83mm wheels. I am also 180lb and my top speed in the the flats was 16mph which is less that the speed cal estimate. It was fun but I wanted more speed so I upgraded to 10s and I’m happy now. ( I’m using the TB ESC not a VESC.

You’ll be reaching the eRPM limit which may cause your VESC to burn out. I’d stick with 8s tops for that motor.

@Jinra Based on what relaxnfly mentioned, would it be wise to just get a 2S battery if I have room under the board in series then, if I’m not satisfied with the 6S? I have a parallel charging board for the 6S, I could separate the series connection and charge the three of them - also got an imax B6 authentic.

Yea as long as you don’t exceed 8s you should be fine.

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