6S Battery Configuration & VESC Connection

Whats up Eskaters, I posted about what I wanted to do for my electronics configuration, but I didn’t get too many replies. After some more research, I think I got something put together for Switching back and forth between charging and regular use of 2 3S 5000 mAh Lipo’s in series. Using XT60 connectors, (and an XT90 anti-spark loop key with soldered 10 AWG), does this look practical, and are the polarities correct? Don’t want to fry anything!

iMax B6 Authentic Charger, 50W 6A rating. Sector 9 Faultline Deck Turnigy SK3 6364 245 kV x2 3S 5000 mAh 30C Lipos Enertion VESC Enertion Mono Motor Kit

Looks good but be aware vescs are at their limit on 6s. Too many amps.

@RogerD With the anti-spark loop key, does the polarity of the XT60 matter? I’m assuming current flows from positive to negative, hence the positive connector is connected to the VESC.