6s BMS for sale US SOLD

So this BMS when I was going to do a 6S6P setup, but now I am doing 12S3P so I have no need for it. After waiting a month and a half, it finally came but now I have no need for it so I’ll sell it for $15 with free shipping. I bought it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Protection-Balance-Module-PCM-BMS-5A-for-6S-22-2V-Li-ion-Li-Po-battery-6S5W001-/321790634514?hash=item4aec376a12:g:wlsAAOSwT6pVilFD

Looks like you kinda got ripped off, you can get the same one for $11 on Aliexpress, sorry man.

Well that sucks. You can have it for $10 then. It was the cheapest I could find that wasn’t on alibaba, and I didn’t think to look there because their shipping usually take ages.

Well your definitely right about the shipping, I ordered a very similar BMS on AliExpress and it never arrived, did get a refund though. Yeah I’ll take it for $10 if that’s cool with you, I’ll PM you my email and PayPal.