6S BMS wiring diagram help!

I don’t think that will work because you need the switch on the escto turn the esc on. I am going to be using this esc soon and I will just be having two switches an antispark loop key and the normal esc switch.

And when i will do it like that?

It kinda makes sense to do it like that but I’m not 100% sure it would work. Actually I just had a really good idea. What if you get a different switch with 4 connectors that way you can switch on two things with one button! I think it’s called a dpst switch. @vishal_tejwani would this work better do you reckon?

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Checkout meepo board esc review or meepo board review In that kerin(sorry if i miss spelled his name) assembles meepo board, and the board is turned on by the single switch, the esc has a voltmeter/ battery indicator output.

Soo if the esc is turned on the board will turn on soo will the voltmeter.

There is no need of antispark switch and xt60 loop key with this esc

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Alright, thank you guys!

But there is one thing i dont understand… i watched the video of the meepo esc and yes, youre right! There is a voltmeter input but his voltmeter has four wires, mine just have two wires with positive and negative :neutral_face:

And is it possible to connect some 12v LEDs to the ESC? I like to assemble back and front light LEDs to my board :grinning:

And the last question: as you can see in my first post, i have two 3s 35c 11.1v 5.500mah batteries. Do you think it’s enough to get a speed over 15mph and a range around 12 miles? :grin: I will use dual hubmotors with 70kv each.

Thanks very much for your nice help! This will be my first built and i am very happy to get some nice answers for my noob questions! :yum:

I don’t know if you will be able to connect led lights to the esc directly as you won’t be able to turn them off unless the esc has a specific 12v rail. Otherwise you could just buy torches and turn them on and off manually with the normal buttons

Okay, thanks! But what do you think about by battery setup?

Maybe @vishal_tejwani can help me with my LED light question :slight_smile:

Use step down converter taking power from bms if you don’t have a bms you can use Battery too,

Bring VOLTAGE to 12 and use your leds

How big are your wheels

my wheels are 90mm

That will get you to around 25km/h on a full charge

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I already got a 12v converter. but where to connect to the ESC?

And if i use 10S batteries?

About 42km/h. Although you must take into account that these escs have a speed limit. Or at least the normal motor version does. About the converter it needs to be connected to the main power leads on the battery. You will need a switch though to turn it on and off

okay, i think i will use two 5S batteries instead of 3S. But now i have the same wiring issue as before :sleepy: Maybe someone can help me out if its correct

Yeah looks good. You will need a 10s bms though

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Alright, but how many amps do i need on that BMS? I got some with 10A, 20A or 35A

Are you going to bypass it?

bypass what? I just want to charge my lipos over it

Yes but will you be discharging through the bms