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6S Motor Drought

This week i managed to burn up one of my NTM PropDrive 270s. It’s not completely dead yet, but you could fry an egg on it after only a few minutes of run time. I’m pretty sure the bearings or something are blown as well because there’s now a lot of play in the can that causes the shaft to misalign the pulleys enough to burn up the belt on the mounts. The other one is still running cool and comfy and is having none of this nonsense.

So I go to replace it and guess what? Backordered. 5055 SK3s are also backordered. Tacons? Backordered (and i’m not sure i want them anyway at the moment). Original Enertion R-SPEC 245s? They no longer seem to exist. DIYElectricskateboard had a 200kv 5060 for a while and it has disappeared. Alien has a 5065 but i’m not sure i can fit two on a single 180mm caliber II with the older Enertion mounts.

While I am looking forward to using the new R-SPEC 190s with my space cell and a couple of VESCs one day, I still have a 6S that needs to continue kicking ass with a higher kv motor that fits the original Enertion mounts.

Anything over 200kv in a 5060 of 5055 package would be perfect, but i can’t seem to find anything like that at the moment. @onloop mentioned in another thread about some things the industry is doing that is directly affecting this, but i was curious if in the mean time anyone had any ideas.

Also, @onloop and @torqueboards : Are those older motors of yours gone forever?

I noticed that the HK 150A ESC has disappeared off the face of the planet too

@longhairedboy I couldn’t find Tacons for sale anywhere either :frowning:

I searched for motors and couldn’t find any that were 200kv

This kind of market instability is not going to do me any favors when i finally start selling one-off custom completes as a boutique garage operation and then try to provide maintenance and support for the boards i build and sell. This shit has come and gone all within a year or so and if i can’t provide a year of low-cost maintenance then i’m going to be a shitty business guy.

“Oh i’m sorry, those motors no longer exist so i’m going to have to sell you new motors that don’t fit those mounts, so you’ll need new mounts, but these new motors also aren’t in the optimal KV range for your voltage so we’ll do a new power pack too and oh wait, that ESC isn’t rated for that pack and oh wait the box needs to be reformed to fit all of that but there’s not enough wheelbase on your deck so here’s your entirely new e-board and that’ll be $1200. Try not to burn up another $60 motor.” Right.

But I try to remember that guy who did Marshall amps and think positive thoughts.

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I have a few of the older 200KV motors if you want them… Probably, got like 5-6 laying around randomly still in the box.

I’ve noticed I actually prefer the higher KV motors so getting 6355 230-240KV.

Lower KV adds more drag which adds to rolling resistance. Also many people still prefer 6S and speed is easily change through gearing.

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What’s the width on those 200s? They were 5060s right? Or were they 5055s?

Are you serious about a 230kv in a 6355 package? Because that would be sick. It would definitely scratch the 6S itch.

On another note, I fixed my NTM 270. I’m about to make a post about it.

The 200kv motors are 5065 also.

Yeah, 230KV 6355.