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6s setup to 12s

Hey all, sure enough I’ve outgrown my 6s single motor setup. My question is, as I jump up to 12s and a VESC what other pieces do I need?

I have a DIYElectricskateboard power switch
series cable
DIYElectric 2.4 ghz rx tx

My plans is to get 2 6s batteries and run em in series using the existing series cable that is connected to the power switch.

Does the VESC need a UBEC?
Do I just solder the power wires from power switch onto VESC and plug rx and I’m done?

Is it really that easy or am I missing something?

You can just swap with the VESC and replace it for your current ESC. It’s an easy swap. We plan on having VESCs in stock shortly.

Ollin and Enertion both have VESCs available.

Awesome thanks, Torque! Your 6s kit will make switching to 12s so easy then! I’m maxing out at around 12mph on the 6s setup. (hefty rider) what kind of speeds would you estimate I’ll reach with 12s?

I used the trans ratio to factor in rider weight.
So if your getting 12mph with 6s, you should see 24mph with 12s using same motor, gears and wheels. With 12s you should see a lot more torque as well and you will be pulling less amps so you should see better range unless I’m mistaken.

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That’s awesome @namasaki thanks! I’m pretty stoked for more speed!

Btw, the app i used is called gear speed. its an iphone app
Another really cool iphone app is SpeedTracker. ( a gps speedometer that records your avg and max speed in a given run.
Oh and, you will be stoked!
Jumping form 12 to 20+mph is huge! At least it was for me…

I have android but I’ll look into android equivalents. I am looking forward to the speed jump, helluva lot easier than dropping 50lbs! I might actually have to tune my trucks. Haven’t gone fast enough to get the wobbles yet!

double barrel bushings something around 90A. I’m using orangatang nipples 89A, works good for my weight 185lbs
very stable at 20mph
I’m pretty sure there are similar apps for android.

Just to comment at the range thing. Yes, you pull less amps but cost wise etc 6s 10000 mAh is usually as expensive as 12s 5000 mAh which should correspond to the same amount of energy. Guess the biggest perk is higher voltage.

Upgrading a 5000 mAh 6s setup to 5000 mAh 12s though should give roughly double the range.

6s to 12s
Double speed
Double range
Although I don’t think you get both at the same time.
I believe it’s double range at 12 mph
or same range at 24 mph, but I can’t really say for sure. It’s just theory.
And less amp pull means less heat in the motor and Esc if I’m not mistaken.

I’m pretty excited for double the speed. I haven’t hit my voltage cutout so the range at 6s seems to fit my needs for now. With more power I might find myself going farther though. I’ve only gone a few miles at a time so far.

That’s absolutely correct. You have P=U*I where P is watt, U is voltage and I is amps.

So 2000 watts at 6s drains I = 2000 W /22 V => I= 91 amps…

…while 2000 watts at 12s drains I = 2000 W/44 V => I= 45.5 amps.

This roughly translates to “a 12s battery of the same capacity(mAh) as a 6s battery gives AROUND the double range at the SAME SPEED”

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That app looks nice!