6s upgrade to more juice

So Im really bad with electronics, I need help. I was wondering how to upgrade from 2x3s zippy 5000mah (so 6s) to 10s or 12s and will that give me uphill boost?

I have an enertion VESC standard, from what I ve read it can take only up to 10S…

My motor is sk3 6364 245Kv

It can take 12s, but 10s is recommendation.

With 10s you have to change to lower kv motor. For example enertions or maytech 63xx 190kv.

If you are struggling to get up hills, you have incorrect gearing for 6s, your wheel size, and your weight. More voltage adds speed, not necessarily torque. It also adds significant cost.

The catch is that VESCS are not very happy at 6S because they can’t handle much current - circa 70A continuous. With 6s, geared correctly, going up hills, you will push over 100Amps on a normal car ESC. My 6s cruises up steep hills, on a 150A car esc. peaks at around 100A.

If you upgrade to 10s, you’ll need to change your gearing to match your wheel size, and motor KV. Or you’ll end up with a board geared to go 50 mph lacking real torque.

What about 9s? It seems to be the best deal. you may even keep your motor and just limit the erpm on the vesc, so that it doesn’t exceed 60000 12 would probably be too risky. As @RogerD just said, you may have to reconsider your ratio. What pulleys are you using right now? 9s on 245kv could give you 45 km/h on 16/35, but I would remain lower than 40 km/h, maybe with a 14/37 or something like that

I have enertions gears 36/15. It holds relatively well on uphill, but a bit more torque would be nice on steeper hills. Its already fast enough, Id definitely have to limit the erpm.

I was also hoping to extend my battery life by adding batteries. So you would suggest I add them in parallel instead of increasing to 9s since it wont add much torque?

To have better torque you should get a lower kv motor or change the ratio. 9s would be better than 6s anyway, since it helps to reduce the amps pulled uphill, and being more efficient you would get more kms out of that.

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