6s2p battery diagram

I couldn’t find any good diagrams without a bms for a diy 6s2p battery. Can someone please post one.

More info is needed on your post. What kind of battery? Lipo or Liion?

Lion battery

How do you plan to charge without a BMS?


Balance charger

Build a 6s2p out of liions and use a balance charger??

Not recommended but possible

Precisely my point. The OP is asking a question instead of looking for the information that’s been posted dozens of times. Therefore I will ask a million questions so he will figure it out instead of being spoon fed.

:joy::joy::joy:good point

here ya go: http://bfy.tw/DOGs :wink:

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Much to learn you have.

A 6s2p battery made of Li-ions wouldn’t be much good for an E-board

My suggestion to you is finish your homework before attempting to build your own battery. There’s a lot more to it than you realize. Good news is, the knowledge you seek is all right here so start digging.

You will be ready to build your own battery when you can draw your own diagram.


Damn Yoda, drop some knowledge on him :slight_smile:


ouch… :confounded:

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