6s4p battery help

Hello so my board is doing well on just 6s1p lipo 5000mah but I’m just wanting to charge it less often. So I have been looking at so 4200mah 26650 efest cells but I would need to buy everything to build it all. So was wondering what price someone could build a 26650 4200mah 6s4p with or with out bms as I can just use my rc charger if needed. Is there any discharge advantages to having a bms.

For got to add in in the uk so euro builders if possible.

So also wondering about me esc its programmed for lipo at 4.2v so would li-ion 18650 cut out to early. Also would my charger be capable of charging with our bms or would it be best to add a bms and use a laptop charger.

Also are the hg2 3000mah a good choice or is there a higher mah in 26650 size

Please do some more reading my friend :wink:. There are many threads discussing bms, Li-Ion cells for esk8, etc.

@2-alex-2 if you have specific questions youre welcome to PM me

Have been reading for a while now as I have built my board and it’s all working but just finding tuning time short. Hence the reason wanting to go li-ion I read through the topic about choosing 18650 cells which going from that if I go for that size I would choose the hg2 at 3000mah and go 6p to get 18,000total but have also seen the basen 4500mah but would then only go 4p and still have 18,000mah but it’s a £100 more here in the uk to go for 26650 basen so not sure which would be best. But as far as voltage goes I haven seen much about car esc and li-ion I know my esc cuts out at like 22v which would be to high for li-ion. So should I switch off the cut out on esc and run a bms with the batteries and allow the bms to cut out instead. I have found out that my charger will charge li-ion to 3.7v so charging I don’t necessaraly need a bms to charge as the charger can handle it.

Also just found a program card for my esc so should manage 2.6v cutoff if needed.

Ok so I made the plung and have gone for some of hg2 from gearbest I know there speculation with them as to genuine or not but will see when they arrive as the reviews are mixed as well. As far as nickel plate will 8mm by 0.15mm be enough for joining them all together?

Also I won’t be installing an bms but just using the imax b6 to charge them will this be sufficient charging or should I really buy a bms ?

Once they are here will also want so help to spott weld them for the one use will a second hand car battery be fine to do the job and then dispose of the battery after that one pack?


Which is the best way to spot weld the tabs one to help prevent shorting.