7” Evolve AT kit with 218mm trucks... SOLD

As the title says it’s a set of four 7” Evolve AT wheels and pulleys. I have mounted these on a set of Torque Board 218mm trucks and the rear truck has been lathed 10mm to accept the hubs and pulleys. This setup has about 15 miles of use on it and I spent $300 putting it together. If anyone is interested I also have a pair of Torque Board Extended Motor Mounts I used with this setup for sale as well for $100 for the pair.

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How much for the motor mount?

couple questions, only because evolve’s site doesn’t have it.

what is the width of the wheel pulley? 9, 12, or 15mm?

are the belts 5mm pitch?

are belts included? if so, what’s the length / diameter?

I’m not OP but 15mm wide, 5mm pitch is correct

I wish I saw this before I bought an AT kit last week for the wheels and hubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey man, do you think you would be able to ship to the UK. Im super interested in these!

Motor mounts are $65 each new from TB. I’m asking $100 for the pair.

They are 15mm on 5m pitch. I have a few different belt sizes and can throw them in if you want them.

@notepad pm me your address and I will check shipping rates.

Sure thing, ill do it now!

Edit: Pm Sent

Dammit, I wanted these,1 day late

What deck will work with this won’t I get wheel bite