7 pin jst connector for original Ollin esc 4.12?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to set up a bluetooth module with one of my OG Ollin vescs and my jst-xh connector is too big for what’s soldered onto the PCB. The distance between pins for the male part soldered onto the PCB looks like it has a pitch of 1.5mm when using my caliper. This makes me think think it is a jst-zh connector but I’m worried the plastic housing might still not be compatible. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

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Digi-Key 455-1161-ND



Blessings upon you, my brother.

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I wanted a connector with the leads attached so I found this! :slight_smile:

:arrow_up: This is what a knight in shining armour looks like.

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:slight_smile: More like esk8 nerd. I just happen to have a giant assortment of these things in a box under my workbench…

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Hey but PHR-7, that’s jst ph with 2mm spacing.

I have a 4.12 ollin vesc and it’s ph just like all the other vesc.

OP Are you sure about your 1.5mm spacing?

I’ll have to double check when I get home, there’s definitely room for error over on my end.

I’m sorry for the late reply but yes, I think it is 2mm spacing now. With the shrink wrap and steep angle of entry, I had a hard time getting a good measurement the first time. Good looking out, I appreciate it.