72 hour Limited Group Discount - Reflective 97 mm Glow wheels

Hi Everyone,

We are about to kickstart our promotion of our wheels “GLOW by LAZYROLLING” and we need photos and videos from all over the world for marketing purposes!

We offer a $55.00 discount to get things moving.

GLOW by LAZYROLLING: Compatible with original Evolve and Abec wheel pulleys (Note: does NOT fit clone pulleys). We have not been able to damage or chip the wheels between June-November 2018.

Size: 97MM Durometer: 78A Rebound: 90% Core: Centerset Retail price: 135 USD (plus shipping)

Limited Deal of 100 uses - $55.00 off GLOW by LAZYROLLING

1 set of wheels for 99 USD including express shipping to USA! a) Go to LAZYROLLING.COM and add the wheels to the cart. b) Enter the discount code: “GLOW55” in the checkout.

  • Applies once per order
  • Limit of 100 uses, one per customer
  • Active from today 24th until Jan 27th

Note: Shipping price will be different depending on where you live, therefore we used USA as an example.

Questions will be responded to at: [email protected]

Cheers Robin & Daniel

LINK: https://www.lazyrolling.com/products/glow-by-lazyrolling



Killing me with the timing. These would be perfect for my work board tho. Alot of night riding.


Same, if these where kegal 107’s+ I would hop on so quick


Im happy with the current size seeing my work board is a shorter deck and im impartial when it comes to cores, but i have way more abec pullys so i tend to lean that way. A wide 100mm+ version would be awesome in the future @LazyRolling


I would buy these so fast. And if they were kegel core Id get 2.

Super cool product ! Thanks for your amazing work Mr. D & R !! (don’t read Development and research :smile:)

Just, hope the same as you guys (kegel and +100mm), or when my 107 will last… but it will take time.

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More will come in the future, but this is the most popular size for torque and range, so it was natural to begin with that :slight_smile:

Its also nice not to be hit by cars :smiley:


People take for granted how nice it is to not be hit by cars… it’s awesome . Lol


Yeah, I’ve only been hit twice since 2005 when I purchased my very first electric longboard in South Beach :smiley:


you mean when you trolled people with that impressive fake X-ray picture?:rofl:


Do you have jackets with reflective materials? Then you would be noticed for sure

Reflective jacket


Yes, it’s in the pipeline for Q2 :v:


Hahaha :joy::sweat_smile: no it was in South Beach and the second time in Ibiza

South Beach Miami? I ride there quite often.

I just ordered a set of wheels I need wheels for my new build and this seemed like a good fit. I like 107s alot but I also like my 90s so feel like 97s would be a nice fit I just hope the wheel is as good as abec 11 lol

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Thanks I jumped in and got the elbow lights too

Woulda been nice to add the bearings but you can’t combo with the generous discount code

Right​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: we need bigger size wheels for Most beast builds

I can not see the width of the wheels, can you post a picture of the contact patch? I wonder if there are narrow as the Abec 11

From what I understand it’s the same dimensions of the Abec 11 97mm wheels but I may be wrong.

Never had traction problems with my 90mm flywheels and I carve pretty hard and like to take corners at high speeds. Racing lines are important :slight_smile:

I did unintentionally slide out on 107s during a hard carve but there was Sand on the ground.

I like the contact patch:wheel diameter of the flywheels but not on the 97mm abecs, they look too narrow.

I wish someone could make the same Orangatang Kegel contact patch:diameter ratio but bigger



Longboard wheels Size: 97mm Width: 52mm Durometer: 78A Contact Patch: 45mm Lip Profile: Round Core Placement: Centerset Rebound: 90%

Super Grippy wheels, yet soft enough not to chip!

Features gently bevelled reflective sidewalls, perfect for all belt electric skateboards. The GLOW is visible up to 125 meters / 410 ft in the dark! The hub is compatible with evolve and abec original wheel pulleys. Note: is not compatible with clone core wheel pulleys.

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.

70% OFF our high performance bearings with integrated spacer and speedring system when purchasing the GLOW’s 97mm

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