77A Blue Caguamas?

Stumbled across this on IG:



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And…reminder set. Thank you for that!


if i remember correctly otang hinted at making bigger wheels than 85mm.

I was just on there site and I didnt see nothing on these.was looking into some harfang rain tire did not know they make a bunch of tread patterns to chose from …what is the size they gonna bigger 90mm I’m guessing

Same size 85mm I think

Where did you get those from?

I don’t have them, jet to be released :confused:

Probably. It was a response from their youtube channel when asked if they would make bigger wheels than caguamas.

Running 97 reflys right now and the torque loss is killing me

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Some small skate shops have them in stock currently. Otang will be coming out with bigger sizes later on

Have what in stock… The blue ones?? Plz post the link.

Yeah my local skate shop has the blue ones in stock.

I’m trying to get these online, could anyone near Muirskate HQ get a set for me? They are selling but only in person

I want one too

FWIW I just placed an order for a set of Caguamas directly from the Orangatang website, they are not listed but if you place the order you will have the option to choose blue :slight_smile:

I think they are being released September 5th