8 grade kingpin from eBay/Aliexpress?

I’m looking for 8 grade kingpin to replace on a non branded truck that I have. It’s difficult to find this bolt near me so I started looking online (eBay/Aliexpress) but couldn’t find it.

Does anyone have a link for such thing?


where are you dude?

I wouldn’t…

@mmaner where were you getting yours state-side? fastners…

Even Area only charges $2.50…

You mean Aera? Do you have a source in Aus? Got mine from Sickboards a little more expensive than 2.50


@Cobber I get most if my fasteners where I work, we make them.

@Tomer I’ll see what I can find at work, but I’m.guessing shipping would be a killer.

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being we are international… and my first question was…



but as Ackla suggested fastnal.com seems to be where a lot of guys state side get their bolts in bulk.

United fastners would be the biggest supplier close to me if you know the lingo to talk the talk to ask for what you want… http://www.unitedfasteners.com.au/

I’m based in Israel.

Yep, shipping will be a total killer. I PM’d you with my address, lets see how bad will it be.

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