8 inch/ 200mm Tyres with a larger contact patch

Has anybody tried these on Trampa superstar hubs?

pic is of a larger size…

@BigBoyToys are you looking for performance rubber for you new 8072 build? I noticed they had a solid slick too…

Hey thanks for posting this I saw it las night. I have lots of spare tires for my superstar hubs already but I’ll grab a pair since I doubt tires will last very long with 4 8085’s lol. How do I order? Send an email to innova?

oops, sorry bigboy, calling your little 8085’s 8972’s :joy: I believe it is the 3.00-4 size you need. They also had some slicks in that size too.

I’ve got a tyre distributor in Sydney Au I know I’ve flicked him a email, you will need to find a distributor one way or another??? Let me know what you find.

the thing is @MoeStooge this tyre here is listed to only come in that size and Trampa sells them. Although my tyres have 200x50 written on them which confused the hell out of my tyre guy. He didn’t believe me and asked for a pic…

I thought it could have been 3inch hub, 4 inch radius? the hubs do measure 3 inches.

Looks like the superatar hub is for 3.75". I just measured mine.

@trampa , is there a particular reason you dont sell these on your site? Not the slicks, but the 1st tire mentioned.

In another thread talking about sixshooters Frank said he didn’t like the more square tyres because they were heavier. It takes more rubber to make the square profile. I could be wrong?

Inches are all greek to me, I’m a metric man…

This tyre

and this tyre are the same yeah?

It only lists the one size. I have my guy at Tyres 4 U a wholesaler out of Sydney AU having a look for me. I could be wrong? My Tyre guy couldn’t believe my trampa tyres had 200x50 written on them, maybe they are special order for Trampa? Same as the mudpluggers they have Trampa written on them too…

Tyres in AU normally come described like this

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dude, everywhere in the world sizes tires by that last photo lol. and what do you mean your tire guy? like he literally deals with every tire known to man? cause im assuming he deals with automobiles. so im guessing hes not gonna be to fond of some tiny little scooter tires. just google whatever measurements you want and order away. theres ALOT of tires out there that will fit our hubs, its not exclusive to trampa only:+1:

Oh I’m sure there are other tyres that fit :slight_smile: just doesn’t appear to be any that anyone on this forum has used yet.

They have a lot of tyres and my guy wants to do me a favor cause when he is in my town I look after him.

If it is so easy my where is it we can buy a tyre with a square profile to fit a superstar hub? Me and Bigboy I’m sure will both pony up…

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The tire you mentioned doesn’t fit our rims. The size you are looking for is 200x50 and we stock a lot of options + more is on the way to us. The 200x50 size is measured in mm and that is the industry standard for 3.75" rims. Bigger tires are usually measured in inch e.g. 3.00-4. The tires you see on our page are made for us to our spec. Some are made on our own moulds, some on the manufacturers moulds.


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Thanks Frank, I look fwd to your new offerings. thanks for your input. but it does seem foreign to me that a std for a imperial rim is a metric tyre? :unamused:

That is the way it is. These tires measure 200x50mm and that is what is used in the industry. Probably there is a story behind it. There is no reason to use imperial measures at all IMHO. Metric rules (-; The rims are the size they need to be to fit them and that is roughly 3.75" or 95mm


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Another option…Phase Two dirt scooter tire. I like the solid center strip and the knice knobbly knobs…good looking tire. 80psi or 100 psi rated.


Yes, yes, yes ,yes ,yes! Where? where? where? where? where? Source pleasssssssse!

Monster scooters something bla bla .com

There are multiple options for 200x50 tires. The few of the Trampa riders here in NYC have ordered from MBS, Trampa and Amazon. My prefer method is Amazon since I’m a Prime Member so i get 2 days shipping for free.

Are the tires from Amazon good? Depends. I specifically use these road tires and they have been wonderful to me. So much grip in combination with the Gates GT3 belts. In fact, here they are after 2 months of use:

So, at this point I would say any wheels thats 200x50 would work so there is a lot of options out there.

Oh. My. God. DUDE! I can give you a kiss right now! I’ve been looking for those exact tires in the generic market since forever ago. I just bought 4 from Scooter parts. My new Direct Drive build will finally be complete :grin:

they look like trampa Mud Pluggers to me what do you think?

the same center line details to start with…

I’ll have a look around for the phase two scooter tyres local, could be a good option, I’m in Au so Amazon doesn’t really help me. But I’m still on the look out for a square profile tyre like the first pic or like a Psycho sixshooter tyre. :sunglasses:

They are exactly the same, thats why I want to give @Idle a kiss :heart_eyes:

Not a tyre or what I’m looking for but if you are stateside these scooter hubs look cheap and come with a HTD 5M-15mm drive pulley… All aluminium… A bargain for less than $20 bucks if you are on the cheap