80mm Outrunners on an E-board?

I know a lot of you diy e-board veterans started out on 50mm motors, but have since moved to 63mm motors for obvious reasons (more torque, runs cooler, higher voltage?) It seems to me that we’ve gone from 50mm motors to 63mm motors, so going to 80mm motors would be the next evolution in diy e-boards (at least for single drives). @onloop has said it before, “Bigger is better.” I bet a lot of you would say it’s unnecessary. Clearance would be my only concern. I don’t know. What do you guys think?

I think 63mm motor are the biggest you should go with a satellite configuration, any bigger and you need bigger wheels to increase the ground clearance…

I think (dual) 6374 size motors are ample for anyone of any weight, the torque output is ridiculous… ALSO note, Increasing stator length increases torque as does increasing stator diameter. So if ground clearance is a problem you can just keep making longer motors whilst keeping the 63mm diameter.

There is another way of getting bigger motors on an eboard… that is by making it the wheel itself! HUBZ


I’m working on a Mountain board for my friend Erik, which is using a 63mm outrunner, and 97mm ABEC 11 ‘Flywheels’ on Paris trucks. As far as I’m concerned, there is not enough room for clearance under a board for a motor that size, to much risk of hitting it on obstacles .

On Erik’s board, which is designed for him as a wheelchair user (which makes for a lot of different design considerations) we are using a ‘drop center’ deck, in order to lower the COG, and make it easier for him to hop his chair up onto the board. I’m building a totally new bracket design to mount the motor above the deck, (this does require notching the deck to clear the belt and bracket). The electronics / battery box will go in the center of the dropped deck, on top, in the space between where his chair wheels sit.

An AB would probably want to use a flat deck and put the electronics underneath, because they would want to put their feet in the middle of the board, but I’m not building an AB board…

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once saw in endless sphere a diy’er made a dual drive , single motor using 80100 turnigy with an extended shaft on the other end . using dual motor mount . sorry cant find the page . its there somewhere in endless sphere . why 80100 ? you can get enertions 6374 , fix an extended shaft to the other end of motor . and you have dual drive dual belt .

pros ~ for safety . if one belt snaps at least you have one more on either end for braking b4 the snapped one gets replace .

why 80100 ? unless you’re twice the weight of 100kg person .

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80’s are bigger. Doubt you would need them though. 50mm are decent on dual motor and you necessarily wouldn’t need 63mm but the price different isn’t much so you might as well go 63mm. IMO


I’ve heard you use this term before, but what does it mean to have a satellite configuration?

I think the biggest downside to 80mm or bigger is the final weight of the board. because most likely your going to use 12S+ battery with such motor, also the board will have to be raised significantly for good clearance. So in the end it will probably weigh about 10kg or more so not very portable. However an off road E-board with one or two of those monsters would be very interesting to see.

SATELLITE meaning the motor is positioned external from the wheel that it drives…

I started using the term when hub motors started becoming more popular, because it dawned on me that there was no general definition of what that type of drive train configuration was called. Of course, you could say a belt & motor OR a mounted motor with pulleys… Most people would simply say “I have a dual rear drive” which was very meaningful before hub motors hit the scene, but now it is not very descriptive to simply say mono drive or dual drive now. Because it could also mean a hub motor or a satellite motor.

Personally, I think satellite is a better, more descriptive way of talking about any motor that is not inside a wheel.

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I was taking a look at the Alien website at their 8080 outrunner which is the shortest of their 80mm outrunners. This thing looks HUGE! Compare that to the 63mm? motor in the back. This size motor is probably suited for a larger vehicle like an e-bike or e-go kart.



Yeah, they are pretty huge… lol

so many online posts diy’ers constructing ebikes from 80100 . just google image 80100 .

My first eskate used a single C80100 motor driving two wheels of a mountain board: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=28463&start=50#p492208 Power was great but handling terrible; it needed a differential gearbox for cornering. I also tried driving a single wheel which was also terrible due to torque steer. Best option is to use two motors and two 6374 size motors are ample… Unless you’re aiming for 80+ km/h then you might want bigger


if this single motor running two wheels ? two 6374s can drive 4 wheels . :smile:


I´m new to this forum and first wanna say Hello to the comunity. I´m located in Germany and be infected with this Eboard virus since two years.

Just build this week an 80mm Dual Outrunner Setup on a Trampa Mountainboard. Using Leopard 8072-175kv motors on 8S with a Hobbywing MAX6 ESC.

I geared it 1:5 for 40kmh topspeed, the torque is massive !

Made a short Video today with first impressions:

Have Fun Hang Loose Jenso


I just linked your video to the video-thread, awesome to see you here too. Now we still need okp :slight_smile:

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Hey Haimindo,

thanks mate. Nice to see you here!


Dude, do you have a build thread for this? Otherwise keen to talk to you about a couple things on this build. That is rad

Hey Bro,

have an look on ES: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=79525

Please feel free to ask anytime.


This thread is so old but I didn’t want to repost so here goes.

This motor - APS 8072 165kV sensored motor 6000W. Does anyone off-hand know where the mounting holes are for this guy? Yes I am talking to Bruno. Want to see if it fits with standard motor mounts for 63mm motors.

APS 80100 specs says no, and blowing up pics of the 8072 and 6374 to the same size confirms the screwholes are much further apart.