80xx motor mounts?

Do any 80xx motor mounts exist anywhere for sale?


80xx motors seems very empty

You can get adapter from @Nowind


They will than fit on 63xx motor mounts.

But be aware not every 80xx motor has the same bolt pattern.

Edit: there as well some gear drives which fit 80mm motors.


Saw some gear drives like that but those aren’t what I was looking for and much more expensive. Needed a solution for belt drives but couldn’t find any 80xx motor mounts. Thanks, the adapters are just what I needed.

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On an other note just as comparison here some pictures from a 6384 and 8085 next to each other

image image image image

The left one is 6384

Do you use the 8085s on your builds? Why is the 6384 much taller than the 8085? This picture confuses me, I thought the first 80xx was the diameter then the xx85 was the length when in comparison to 84mm vs 85mm length they should be very close?

Yes i use both on my builds and to be honest I was expecting a bit a longer stator as well. The thing is that the 8085 and 80100 motors have a big bearing in front which takes a lot of space. That’s the reason why the stator is short with the same bell length.

The weight measurement is not super precise because of different hardware, but I would be close to say that the amount of copper is not really more in the 8085.

Also if you plan to buy aps 80xx motors be ready to change the bearings and glue in the magnets.

After that the motors should be pretty solid but also have some more weight and use more energy which results in less range. So yeah just wanted to let you know from my experience.

Aha I see thanks for the insight, haven’t seen much talk of 80xx, good to know, I now retract my thoughts of using 80xx motors for the first set I get. At least I know what to do when I upgrade them - I was thinking eventually I would make a samsung 40t/30t 12s4p battery pack down the line for the amps and throw in a high current flipsky vesc or dual it and see where that would go (with more research). The APS 80xx able to handle 100a+, the ESC handling 200a for just one motor, and batteries 120a/140a constant draw theoretically making it really really powerful? Don’t really know the math behind it, just guessing from what I have learned. Probably would just be a waste of money - it will probably be the 6374s and 30Qs of today and be standard in a few years as stuff gets better though and prices drop.

I got the 8085 motors not because I think I have too less power with 63xx motors. It was more or less because I got a good deal on them an I like to try things out and compare them so that I also know what i‘m speaking about.

To be fair I need some more time with the 8085s to make my opinion about them. Unfortunately the big bearing in one of the motors went bad pretty fast. For now I can just show how they look in direct comparison next to each other. They more heavy and need more energy and they don’t have temperature sensors ( small thing, but might be important for the one or the other. For me not so much)

If it’s your first build I would definitely start with 63xx motors. If you in Eu than the 6384 aps are a good choice if you ready to battle harden them. If US or don’t mind the import fees the 6380 from torque boards are strong as well. If they really come pre battled harden in future that would probably my choice. Sealed and unsealed maytechs are a good choice as well and you can get them rebranded from many vendors. Budget non sensored option would be the sk3 from hobbyking which seems to be still one of the most reliable motors.

Never a truer word spoken. Mine are seemingly indestructible.

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Any idea where I can get 80xx motor mounts (not adapters) for aps ?

you could get a gear drive from @Nowind for 80xx motors. you could also ask @Idea to get one of his mounts with 80xx APS hole pattern (will not work with all his mounts, but for some of them it does)

Is no one selling 80xx mounts (prebuilt)?