83mm hub motor flash sale

I have 10 hub motor kits left and though I would do a flash sale for every one.

$299 +shipping


Ends sun 15th may

Hey Jacob,

On the product description, it says “15 deg hill climbing”. Do you mean 15% grade, or actually 15 degrees (28~% grade)?

This is the price for two hub motors pre-mounted on two paris trucks that comes with 4 rubber wheels?

also why is shipping $60? it was $35?

Because I was calculating pricing on my shipping account, but I have not used it in a while and they have put my pricing up.

Yes this is what it comes with!

So shipping will stay at $35?

Yes please check again

I have tested them on a hill that is 28deg as in angle.

But I put 15deg on the website to talk down the product. Because if some one is 150kg and tries to climb a 28deg hill I don’t think it will.

@jacobbloy might as well be coming to your house, kicking yo damn door in and showering you with hub motors. these are the real deal! get on it.

and just incase you don’t believe the hype. I cracked an easy 24.1km/h (25 really, I had to brake for a car) on a single one of these with 6S on a hobbyking Xcar ESC


Oh yes, 4wd hub setup incoming, i love it

4wd setup !! F*ck !! That’s gonna be sick. !!!

oh yes, i planned a 12s5p or 6p 18650 battery, 4 vesc and all the nice stuff you could have.

Just for science…


@jacobbloy Are the Dual hub motors in stock? It says ETA 1st of July (Even though it says 9 in Stock). If I order now will they be shipped now or not until july? Thanks

They will be shipped in July, the 9 is representing stock alicated for the current order, I’m not sure I can change the in stock but I’ll look.

I hope you meant July lol

Yes lol it’s 2am just woke up

Hey Jacob, Are these hub motors able to be swapped out with a regular wheel? So say if I decide to ride on a single hub motor (when on flat terrains) and three regular 83mm Kegel wheels, would that be possible? Thanks,

Yes this is possible

thanks for the response. Does this mean that the hub motors would also be able to swap with other trucks without any modifications (since I don’t have access to heavy machinery)? I’ve read on the reviews and in one of the posts, some heavy modification/drilling of the truck is required in order to fit the hub motors.