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83MM Hub Motor Launch SALE! Free shipping

Electric Skateboard Dual Drive Hub Motor Kit

BUY NOW!!! just $299

sale ends 15th of May

These Motors are the best option for the lightest, quickest and pleasing to the eyes electric skateboard kit you could ever buy. After years of develop we achieve similar torque then a belt system while still reducing size.

At 83mm the wheel is a perfect balance of speed and torque giving you the ability to have thrilling speeds but still climb that hill on the way home.


  • 2x 83mm in wheel motors
  • 2x Front wheels
  • Pair of 180deg longboard trucks

Hi All,
Has anyone used these hub motors in their project? If so please can you let me know your thoughts as thinking of building another project.

What KV do these motors produce? Also what is top speed can they achieve really and what set up did you use to achieve this.


@lowguido used these in his build.

What trucks are you using? @jacobbloy

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To quote myself:
I have to say guys get on this! these motors are a beautiful piece of work and certainly at this time the best hub motors I have seen or ridden.
I try to make it my business to compare everything and be super critical so that you guys don’t have to guess.
these things are awesome. and with the exception of maybe a slightly bigger grub screw on the internal collar there is not much you could do to improve.
as has been pointed out the shuddering that I experienced in my video was due to the VESC setting not these motors.

you can also see even a single one of these hub motors run off cheap hobbyking parts still has the torque to pull me along to a reasonable speed, so that’s pretty impressive

It would be a massive shame for the esk8 builders community if these motors ceased to exist due to lack of backing. @jacobbloy has put the work in, but without community support they might just slip through the cracks.


Should also point out that this is an absolute bargain! I paid much more for mine and I didn’t get trucks lol.

What battery you using? Is 12s the way to go with these motors?

Shit 10th of MAY :frowning: Jacob please give it some more time. I am waiting for my fat paycheck somewhere next month I’ll be IN.

6-12s can be used depending on your speed an hill climbing wants. @Ulfberht
@appelton I’m sorry mate but it is just a launch price and can not be sustained for long, but just pm me when your ready.

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They look super sick, i just got Hummie’s motors in the mail and would love to buy these and compare them with each other. I’m still waiting for my VESC’s from @chaka, so untill them nothing can be tested :disappointed_relieved:
What size are the trucks? (not really liking the gold color, but i guess that can be painted/swapped).

Haha @Justin . I bought jacobs and im waiting for hummi’s
Maybe you should buy a set of jacobs and we can compare notes.

Justin and I are in the Netherlands so we can also compare with Lofty Ambition hub motor :smiley:

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I’m getting a few different Colors I don’t think I’m cool with gold but it’s all cool

Just ordered! These things look awesome.
Been lurking here and ES for a while now and building my first esk8 soon. Just waiting for vescs from enertion and ollinboard.

Can’t wait to get them in

That offer is super enticing and I have them in the cart already.
But before going through with this I have some questions:

  • Is the protruding motor a problem on a single motor build?
  • can I mount them on other trucks to make two single motor boards out of one set?
  • can the wheels be replaced - what needs to be done to replace them?

I am sure quality and functionality will be top notch so this is just to clarify if my plan to actually make two boards is feasible.

You can do single drive, but at this price it comes with 2 motors so why?

The trucks that you will receive one will be 150, the other 180 but the motors will make them both 180s

The wheels are replaceable with just 4 screws.

Well if you really want to know:
After my first build that I just finished today my sister and cousin were really impressed and seemed to love the idea of an electric longboard. As students they can not afford their own build, while I can probably manage to buy two for them. However for two dual boards I’d need 4 VESCs which is just too much for me to give away as presents. Two I should be able to manage.

How does it work when just one side is protruding on a truck like that? You seem to have planned for front and back by using different length trucks but how can you adjust left and right? Is there a spacer you can put on the truck?

@jacobbloy Any rough idea of what shipping will cost to the US, specifically California? And if I were to order now, would my credit card be charged now, or would that happen later after you have enough people lined up to buy?

the best way to deal with this would be to use 2 normal sized truck, then machine one down 15mm to then make them even, i might look into doing this and maybe start selling them. i can have tis done for you for a small fee.

@Mobutusan international shipping is a flat rate of $35 usd during the sale period.

Can you weight one of the hub motors with the thane (without the trucks)
we can double it for the pair of course

this hobby is too addictive…
I’m very interested for my second board
I haven’t even finished the first one yet and I’m already planing the next

If you want to build 2 singles you can. You just need to trim 1.5cm off one end of the truck. Its easy. @longhairedboy has a video how to do it.