83mm Slicks to Off Road | Sector 8 | Turnigy 190kv 6364 | Caliber II Trucks | X-Car Beast 150AMP

Recently I moved up to North Wales in the UK, I previously had built a cruiser which I love and have upgraded slowly over time. More lately I changed my motor mount to a carbon Caliber II motor mount from TRAMPA boards which is great however as shown in the photos shown below I do have a slight clearance issue. To add to this problem in North Wales there aren’t many smooth flat roads and the ones that are around are covered in face planting inducing pebbles.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the cheapest way to change my 83mm slicks and pulley kit (also from Trampa) to some big wheels that can cope with going down gravel roads and maybe a different pulley kit to deal with the hills. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Definitely pneumatic wheels will help but most of them have larger 10mm shaft so you might want to stick with 8mm shaft. I have tried 100mm MBS wheels and 120mm cloud wheels.

100mm MBS wheels will go over gravel much better without loss of torque but 120mm cloud wheels do take a ton of torque away. But both can fit on your wheel pulley. I would try just bigger 100mm BMS or the Abec 11 107mm which I also tried and I love. 107mm is much softer and should get you over some gravel fine.

Cheers for the reply, I think that I will try some 100mm MBs wheels and I will post when I have got them on my board :slight_smile:

Yeah you def want at least duel drive if you want to do this.