85mm Caguama | Orangatang Wheel Talk

New wheel release for Orangutan. Still utilising the Kegel core. Could come in handy on compact builds.

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Works well for small buildings. But 80a and 83mm is too hard and small to make them feel safe and comfortable in my opinion!

Kegel wheels are 80mm and I’ve ridden those on my jet spud trick board for over 1000 miles…no issues at all. These are actually 85mm and will be totally fine. True they are harder than flywheels…but you can only have so many boards with green wheels :slight_smile:

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i don’t know, they never felt that hard to me, but i havn’t used them over 20mph. But going from 80 to 85 seems too insignificant to have a real impact, so i would stay with the 80mm kegel.