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8in wheels 180mm trucks?

I’m planning out my next build and deck, and I still have a full set of 8in pneumatic mountainboard wheels. Has anyone tried 8in wheels on 180mm rkp trucks? I’m wondering how steering and stability would feel (I still haven’t ordered trucks) compared to smaller wheels on the same 180mm truck.
I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

@paragon I originally wanted to do the same thing, and was warned against it by everyone I asked. The feedback I got was that wheelbite was so bad in this configuration that it was unridable, even if you have a deck with wheel cutouts. I would like to see it though!

In terms of stability, there would be less turning precision when compared to normal urethane wheels. Theoretically, you’d have less lateral stability because you are higher up with a more narrow wheelbase, but I don’t think it would be very noticeable unless you were pushing high speeds for an eboard (30mph+).

One solution is to use mountainboard trucks which have a much wider hanger. This eliminates wheelbite and increases lateral stability (but at the cost of increased size and the hassle of finding a mechanical setup).

Another solution, which I want to try myself, is to use a set of gbombs with your 180mm trucks and 8" wheels. I think this will eliminate wheelbite, but have not tested it. Do it for science! :smile:

It wouldn’t work IMO. The 8x2 wheels are much wider than our axle. You would need a custom rim/hub for the 8" wheels for it to work.

I already have the difference in axle diameter and length covered, and I designed carbon fiber deck extensions to avoid wheelbite, but I’m still not feeling it. I’ll probably make an angle bracket and use channel trucks because my mountainboard skate trucks are TKP (I prefer RKP).

Maybe @onloop will sell me some of the truck mounts he used in his ATB hub motor build?

You’re totally right @torqueboards! What am I thinking? The thicker tires would require a longer axel just to mount them, regardless of wheelbite. @paragon don’t listen to me :slight_smile:

@Paragon - You can fit them on the 200mm +70mm Axle on the SurfRodz RKP Trucks. But you’ll have to fabricate your own mount for them and either jbweld or actually weld it.

You can buy a MBS pulley from Evolve. Belt you would probably buy on your own.

You can 3D mount and get it made at for waterjet.

I know the MBS Trucks have longboard bolt holes… Trampa might be too but I don’t know for sure…

it will be a purchasable product soon… the entire kit. hub motors, trucks, wheels, etc… I probably won’t sell the brackets separately though. you will just need your own deck, battery, controller & sensored ESC.