8s BMS for 2 x 4s lipo balance charging?

Hey guys , I d like to just plug a single port into my board to charge it. I chose 2 x 4s batteries in series. but regular balance charger go up to 6s, so either I use 2 of them but I need to connect them manually every time , or I could 1 8s BMS and leave balance port on all the time, only plugging the power port when needed ?

here is an example of what I could do ?

thanks for your feedbacks guys


It would be a 33.6V Charger. That is not exactly how BMS’s work however, you are looking for something more like this. (Credit to @Sebike for the diagram)

Or you could use a balance charger and do something like my diagram https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/195O4DXcDSLLYW2YiV5m6OA1Z2fsCO6ywJ2y-_ya_OXo/edit

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Hey man! What did you do? Update? :slight_smile: