8S2P - Bms and wiring

Hello guys !

So i’m working on an esk8 with 4x4S 4,5amps batteries wired in 8S2P, since it is really annoying to charge each battery one by one, i am looking for a 8S balanced BMS to just let it in my enclosure so i won’t need to open it anymore each Time i want to charge it and i would just have to plug it for the night without using a regular Lipo charger …

8S bms don’t seems to be used a lot, have you got some brands or links ? I don’t need a discharge feature and prices are various, like from 8 to 100$ so i’m still a bit lost…

Have a great week !

Thanks ! 4Amps wouldn’t be too weak for charging ?

Not at all as if also depends how many amps the charger ur gonna buy is and also ur battery is only 5 amps anyways

Yup but it would be 9Amps because of the 2P wiring.

And how do I wire this in a 2P configuration ? Like can i do this with just mounting in series/paralells the balance wires ?

1P setup sound good and easy to make but I found nothing for 2P,

It would be kinda annoying to burn the bms …!

Thanks again.

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