8s2p lipo BMS wiring?

Does anyone know how to wire two 4s lipo packs into an 8s BMS? Both lipos have 5 balance leads but the BMS balancing port has 9 leads.


https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/search this link worked for me

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Woah it worked.


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in brief, those 5 wire leads overlap. there is always one more wire than the series count.

for an example let’s show 2 2s with the leads connected for a 4s cell:

each | is a balance wire, + is positive side of battery, - is negative.

a 2s battery would have |±|±| so to turn two of those into 4s |±|±|±| you would combine the positive power lead of the first pack with the negative power lead of the second. you would do the same with the balance wires |±|±|<-this wire would combine with this wire->|±|±|.

If this isn’t perfectly clear, then just charge each 4s by its self, with a lipo balance charger, and a parallel charge port.

Also 2 4s packs can be combined to form either a 8s1p, or a 4s2p. you would need 4 packs to achieve 8s2p