8s4p 25R pack hobby king charger

All this research has now made me skeptical of BMSs, after hearing all the stories of them failing and wrecking their battery. How would an 8s4p battery pack made of Samsung 25Rs work being chargerd with this charger? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-accucel-8-150w-7a-balancer-charger.html

I decided to go with a bms on a 10s3p

Balance charge FTW. I honestly don’t have any performance issues with the 2 BMS’s I’ve used. That being said balance charging every time is a great practice and good for your batteries.

I have been using Bestech BMS’s since last summer. First with Li-ion pack and now with Lipo packs on 2 builds and I have had zero problems. In fact, my batteries have been saved by them more than once.

The charger you posted will definitely work for balance charging your pack however, it will require an additional D.C. Power supply to operate it and it won’t offer the protection of cell monitoring, over current, under voltage and short circuit detection that you get with a qaulity BMS during discharge cycles.

All the stories I know were with cheap Chinese BMS’s. Get one from a reputable brand (bestech and batterysuoprts are the top 2 from what I’ve seen) and you should be just fine. Or you can wait until a few of the smart BMS’s currently in development around here are finished. They’re both in early beta if I’m not mistaken.