9/10 LHB Arbor James Kelly Board + Box

Was used in the past for a LHB build. Wanted a different deck. Box has a couple torn holes… could be fixed.

Main benefit is the preexisting phase wire channels built into the deck. Makes its very clean and potentially waterproof. Will clean the board before sale.

Im located in Ontario, Canada. Will ship on your dime. Would consider trades.

PM me!

What are u looking for

In terms of trades? 97 75a flywheels, anything AT related, sensored motors? Idk really, id consider most offers.

The deck is discontinued and hard to find. Its better than new and retailed for 130USD.

What are the internal dimensions of the enclosure? Enough for 2 VESC, and 12s4p lion?

Yes, it had two vescs and 12s4p 18650 as well as a bms.

I can measure if youre seriously interested.

will u give me a pric inc shipping to dublin ireland