90mm Flywheels|TB 6355 190KV|TB Vesc|Genstattu 6sx2|12s BMS|Ebay drop-through|Nano-x

I would like to first start off by thanking beyond words this awesome community of people for all of the info that i was able to learn off this forum. However, there are a few people i can’t thank enough. @Namasaki really encouraged me to keep pushing to the end despite my many failures and stuff i did wrong, he helped me all the way to the end, through a blown BMS, wiring, helping me out by giving me free stuff that really helped me build this awesome board, and overall just for the knowledge he provided me with which ultimately led to the completion of my board. @scepterr provided his services to wire my batteries with a BMS after i blew the first one for a ridiculously goo price, and for giving me much needed knowledge about batteries and other electronic things like my vesc ETC. Now on to the build: I am using a TB 6355 190kv motor and TB vesc. I had someone cnc a mount for me and i have 2 set scres that i put into it and then put on a ton of jb weld and it hasnt budged an inch. i am on my 2nd vesc and 3rd motor. i bought 2 6s genstattu batteries and wired them for 12s, 5200 mah. I have hit speeds of 32mph and a range of 10-12 miles. My dad had some left over LED lights from when he used them in his car from his EMT days and damn those things are bright. I have one mounted in the front and one mounted in the back. they are both hooked up to 2 cases that hold 4 aaa wired in series.the holders have on off switch so thats what i use to turn the lights on off. i am currently waiting to receive an enclosire for my vesc from @Geddi who supplied them to me for just paying for shipping.

Overall this has been an awesome experience and i have learned many many things from this awesome forum. Thanks again everone!! Pics to come soon!!


Link to video of my lights: https://photos.app.goo.gl/OpcHtBM2L9LwTyTN2