90mm hub motor / ESC / batteries

Hi, So im looking into building a new board, i have a board with a belt driven motor but i wanna change things up a bit. I found these motors and ESC on youtube, is this a good option? also what do you guys reccomend on batteries? LiPo, 18650? what kind? series parallel config? My budget for motor/ESC/Batteries is 300$, i already have a deck.

Hub motors:


18650: Samsung 30Q? series/parallel amount? what BMS?

This is a video i watched, he uses the motors and esc i think:

You should keep in mind that you can’t change the PUs when they’re done. There are replaceable PU versions already out there :wink:

what do you suggest?

These: http://www.diyeboard.com/replaceable-pu-dual-hub-motor-9055mm-500w2-power-truck-kit-p-671.html?zenid=mk03u39i510irl3h69leird5m4 They also have the ones you found on ebay http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-hub-motor-9052mm-1000w75kv-power-truck-p-657.html, but the replaceable ones are better or do you feel fine with throwing away a perfectly fine motor only because the tires wear down?

those are for the motors i send? the replacable wheels?

The first link you send me? That is a set? 1 normal truck 1 truck with hub motors and 2 replacable wheels?

also i see they are 21MPH, is there a faster setup? the setup i have with belt driven motors do 30mph,

Not with cheap china stuff :smiley: