90mm or 97mm Wheels

Just looking to upgrade my single drive from blank 97mm wheels to something nicer between 90-97mm. I want some softer wheels with some better quality urathane. I’ll take lightly used wheels if you have them. They need ABEC11 type cores and I prefer black if I can get it.

I’d also take recommendations for new wheels to purchase too. I know a few people in the community who have produced wheels, but I don’t know exactly who or which ones are best.

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I hVe a brand new set of torque board 90mm wheels… still wrapped in packaging 40 plus shipping

Forgot to mention they are black

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Reviews speak for themselves


I haven’t read any reviews on the TB urethane, so I am leaning towards the BKB wheels… I’ll do a bit of reading though because I do like to buy used over new if I can (although yours are unused in this case).

Build kit boards is a solid company! I definitely can go cheaper but those 97mm are really a great deal

if you want $5 off the bkb wheels use code m.hboards!

Ugh… none of those wheels are 90 nor 97mm. Heck, they’re not even esk8 wheels! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol ikr… maybe it’s a bot?

The first wheel is 69mm lol. The intro starts off great right off the bat… “They add that life to the longboard so you can taste all the flavors of riding and sliding.” I’m almost positive that this was written and then translated into English.

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So I didn’t realize Muirskate was having a winter sale! >$75 for a 90mm set of 74A black ABEC11s w/ free shipping. Couldn’t pass up the deal and I figured they might go out of stock soon so I bought em.

Did you not notice @chaka was having a sale on the popaca


I grabbed a set, and shipped cost me 43$

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Well, I already got the ABEC11s and I don’t have any regrets because I really wanted something softer than 78A and $75 is a pretty good deal for em, but those Ollin ceramic bearing look really nice. Anyone tried them? How are they so cheap for ceramics!?!

Our price on ceramic bearings with built in spacers is the industry standard price. If you are paying more then you are paying a premium for packaging.

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I love the set I just got! You have become my bearing plug. For $10 more than bones reds I can have ceramics. Idk why anyone who know about them would buy anything else!