90mm wheel + 58T wheel pulley question

Hello guys,

I was actually looking around for people using higher teeth counts and I couldn’t really find so I worry that I am on a wrong path.

Basically I told a guy for a custom made wheel pulley with 15mm width and 48teeth but the guy made it 58T.

Nornally I was thinking, OK I can just use a 20-30T wheels pulley because I have a 6374 dual 170kv motors but I feel I will be doing something wrong even so I think this would be great in terms of contact with the belt.

Why aren’t people using bigger wheel pulleys? Does it stress too much the motor shafts? I still didn’t buy the motor pulley that’s why I am asking you guys.


Ps: the trucks are reversed I still need to mount them right and change the motor mount, this was all done by a skateshop I still need to personalize it. At the moment it is only set up for looks to see how it will more or less look

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There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s actually significantly better. Belts will last longer because there’s less tension on the belt overall, and you get better tooth contact.


Hey @Marksmoura , what is the name of the motors you using? Have you tried them out yet?

Just the clearance between the pulley and floor will be smaller


Those motor mount bend just by looking at them. You sure that works, cause got some serious power there!


those are 3m pulleys, they’re about the size of a 36t 5m pulley. In other words, these are not any larger than typical pullies used around here


True, but it’s really not an issue if your mount bracket extends past that. If anything scrapes it’s gonna hit that first.

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Just watch out for pebbles…

They are perfect aligned but it looks bent on the. Picture

Nope, they are 5mm pulley, I forgot to say

Let’s go to science: -90mm clones are actually 87mm -58t htd5m pulley will have 91,17mm with

  • plus 2/3 mm of belt, will be around 93/94mm Screenshot_20180904-173429

Conclusion: will not work :man_shrugging:

I am using 6374 sensored Chinese motor, probably other brands take these and rebrand them.

Anyway for info, I am in China and its easy to get. I got all from a shop in taobao for 120€ including trucks /motors, pulleys and mounts plus also everything arrived assembled, I only need to adjust it to my needs.

So what I got is 3mm you mean? I will double check it when I arrive home. I have a 3m wheel pulley from another skateboard, I didn’t check it well, I just got it yesterday. But the wheels are 90mm I measured it

If you have htd3m pulley, then it would have around 59mm diameter

Can’t deny science. So I guess the Chinese guy didn’t understood very well what I meant but I think it still works well with 3mm

And again thanks for the advice guys. I actually was thinking it might be a problem to use big motor pulley :smiley: I still didn’t test the motors or the complete drive system because I am on the phase where I need to get all the parts so everything is slowly arriving