97mm abec original flywheels,price reduced only £70

Hi,for sale x4 abec 97mm original flywheel wheels,price is £70,50% off RRP,first come first serve no offers please! All ready a good deal! postage for uk will be £4 but will ship abroad,pm for quote. The bearings will come with the wheels including the spacers,these parts are used condition. 20190425_191325 20190425_191304

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New… really?

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Yes new! Bad lighting doesn’t do them justice,the faded writing on one wheel is just where they have been stored in a box together. Ryan

Ive added better quality photos as the condition of the wheels was being questioned! @Chrisjarram is that better?


Hi. You still have it ? Postage to EU is possible ?

Hi,still available,pm me your adress and i will get a quote for you for delivery.

Yep look new to me :slight_smile:


Still available

Amazing price for these wheels Ryan. Have you tried the UK facebook pages? Might get a good response there?

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Cheers ben,know its a good price but not on facebook anymore,selling for a low price just to get rid of them asap,but thanks for the advice bro!

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these still available?