97mm Flywheel Clones?

Anyone know if these two are different or if one is just a name stamped on it. Never heard of Bigfoot before.

@ATLesk8 might kniw

well thr hub design is different. the clone does not fit pulley well. I can tell u that. needs some washers to make it work

What do you mean I need.washers? I have a set of clones they fit well enough :0

it depends on the design of course. but for me the pulley went in words too much that the belt was touching the wheels.

Ahhh I see what you mean. Yee I had that problem had to tighten not too tight

I used to run Bigfoot 83mm wheels and they sucked imo… not better or worse as normal clones

Buy genuine Abec11 flywheels. It makes a huge difference, compared to clones

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I googled big foot wheels silverfish a couple weeks ago and learned that they’re not good

Would love to buy non clones if Abec would make a different color then green lol. I know metroboard has Black but they are 40 dollars more then normal green 97mm. @twan just get the clones and not the bigfoot. Bigfoot basically stamped there name on it and thats it.

Ahhh got it. Thank you everyone. :smiley:.