97mm wheels on mono raptor

If i change the raptor 1 wheels from 83 to 97mm, will it have any negative effects? Its a single 6374 drive

You will loose some torque but gain a lot of speed.

How much speed are we talking?

Idk, you would have to plug the numbers into this calculator:


Hopefully you won’t experience wheelbite… risers could help.

I got two risers on each truck

I swapped to 97mm on a raptor 1 dual drive and experienced no wheel bite but I have stiff bushings/trucks. You definitely lose a lot of torque but with the dual drive it was perfect for me (before it was regularly making me wheelie the board on low speed quick accelerations).

I would just ask yourself if you still have tons of torque climbing hills currently. If yes then go for it, if not 90mm might be more up your alley.