9s2p 18650 Battery Pack + 2A charger (166.5 WH) USA

Puchased in early January of last year. It has been used for around 50ish miles and has not been used very often. Looking for offers. 15570344199451149976081974081185 15570348981436811637461446613793 15570350487822282919090073455102

What cells? Manufacturer? Location?


USA, Ohio, and bought from diyelectric skateboard

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Are these Samsung INR18650-25R cells?

How long did you use? And what’s the condition?

How much you selling it for?

It was bought from diyelectric skateboards and I can not remember what cells they used.

Looking for offers

How much you looking for

Used for around 50ish miles over a year, and I would say that the condition is well

Looking for offers right now

How much exactly

I have no idea of value

Also what cells does it use

Purchased for $200 last year, I was thinking around $140? I wanna say they are samsung 30q but I can not remember exactly. @Halbj613

Nah can’t do it for that much

Nah it can’t be 30Q’s

It’s either 25R’s, HE2, OR HE4

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I’m sure @torqueboards can help out

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Does it come with a charger?

Ya a 2a charger

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