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A brand with amazing service

Hello guys, I find out a good brand for eletric skateboard, there are a lot of good reviews over there which let me interested. I copied one of the reviews as below.

The Breeze 2 is overall the best electric skateboard I’ve owned by far, especially for the price!. It exceeded all expectations! I’ll go over some specifics of the board. My Board: I’ve put above 120 miles on my board without any apparent problems, except my rear red lights going out which I will cover later. I’ve put this board through just about everything. After riding in uneven terrain (loose gravel, dirt, and grass) and riding through water, it has not failed me in any category. I have yet to change out anything on the board. I know you can change out the wheels, but I like having the bigger ones on the get me over rocks and such.Quality: Overall an extremely stable and well-built board. Feels really solid under your feet at all speeds. I like to carry the provided T tool with me when I ride to change the tightness or looseness of the trucks. Tighter bushings for a stable and faster ride, or looser for a slower ride to carve in the street. The remote is also very well built, and sits in your hand comfortably. One of my favorite parts of the board is the almost silent motors. My other boards are belt driven which creates lots of noise. The 4 Modes: Of the 4 speed modes L, M, H, H+, medium is my personal favorite. It has a smooth acceleration curve and a good top speed. Low is a good speed to learn on. High is a little too fast for me to feel comfortable around walkers and cars, but it is nice on the open road. High + is insane. Its acceleration is fast enough to get the two back wheels spinning, which I think is awesome. Of the 4 brake modes, I use B3. It is the smoothest and most reliable. Specifications: The most I have ridden on the board is a little over 14 miles, which is exactly as advertised, and still made it home with a little bit of battery. Also take into consideration that I weigh 140 pounds. The top speed I have gotten is around 30 mph, which is above advertised, on a slight downhill. I recommend that you tighten the bushings before attempting this. For incline, I live in a very hilly area, and

I saw how amazing it was and what a patient man who left a so much long review. Most reviews are positive and their price is competitive. Anyone who interested in, just go to lol!!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: 92031192965753352