A bunch of wiring questions + have a look at my diagram

Howdie guys!

I really want to thank the community so far for all of their help, especially the very vigilant and consistent ones who have replied to each of my threads asking for help.

I’m a complete novice when it comes to electrics and I’ve done some reading and landed myself with a bunch of questions. Since I like to be certain before I commence I have bestowed these questions onto you.

My questions are numbered and progress down the diagram I’ve put at the bottom (inspired by a post on the ‘Beautiful Diagrams’ topic):

  1. I haven’t checked in person if this is possible but can I connect my batteries in series as displayed with the connectors attached to them + some heat shrink or do I need to build a series connector like the one you see on DIYskateboard.com? I don’t have a charge port and will look to take out the batteries from their enclosure to charge them separately.

  2. For anti-spark switch, I was planning to build one similar to @sl33py’s post using an anti-spark XT-90 loop key. Is my placement of this correct? I would connect and disconnect the two pieces to turn the board on and off respectively, is my thinking correct here?

  3. Will my battery meter get fried? my batteries are 8Ah 30C Lipos. If so, how can I improve this?

  4. At the moment, my diagram just shows the wires to connect everything but no actual connectors. Where and what connectors should I use? Are there any points I should solder the connections? Keep in mind I need to be able to take the batteries out of the circuit easily to charge them.

  5. Is there anything I haven’t considered?

Thank you all so much!


All looks good. You just need to determine how you will balance charge your batteries.

5.5 bullet connectors work well for connecting your batteries in series. They render a sure connection with the least amount of bulk.

Your meter will not get fried in this configuration

Thank you, I have a balance charger and will connect the ports to that (getting a 6s to 2x3s balance port splitter so i can charge two of the batteries in series).

I’ll grab some 5.5 bullet connectors from hobbyking. Looking at the wires though I see a bunch with different AWG ratings. What AWG will I need? Happy with cutting and trimming and stripping wires.

Will I need to solder all the other components that don’t have connectors into the circuit or is it better to fit connectors?

I use 10AWG but 10 or 12 should work well.

Thanks! I’ll grab that and piece things together.

I’ll also order some connectors to fit the batteries in series and connect to the VESC. I’ll also connect the battery meter in parallel using connectors yes?

I’m keen to take your advice but curious why connecting the batteries like in my pic below + some heat shrink isn’t recommended? I ask since they fit and are quite snug even without extra tape and I think it’ll be less cluttered overall.

Those are 5.5mm bullet connectors and this is the type of connection I was recommending.

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TIL I should measure first :slight_smile:


You could just solder the battery meter on.