A cable burned out . HELP FOR A REASON

Hello ! I was testing my board to improve it today. But after a few minutes my board started to drive slover and was accelerating all the time. After that i watch my esc cable to my 2 hubmotors and a cable burned out. Guys do u know what the reason is ? THX for taking the time

Could be a bad solder point. Or you put too much current through the board.

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I think its a bad solderpoint. Because after i checked the other solderpoints some cabled were not 100 percent stable.

This isn’t uncommon. It happens when the cables are poorly pushed together. If you have them. resoldering real bullet connectors on there can greatly help, because the connectors the chinese brands use have very small contact points.

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you didn’t fully plug it in, it takes a lot of pressure for the connectors to fully contact


Biut when i resolder them. Is it then unstable on the solder cable ?

These connectors are dangerous, the same happened to me back in the dark days without a proper Vesc derivative.