A cheap easy motor mount design I made. No drill press

I was having trouble building a diy aluminum motor mount because I hate aluminum and had a shitty allot so I hit up the hardware store trying to give myself some ideas. In the process I found a u bolt the fit my truck nicely and giving me inspiration so I decided to share the mount with you guys. This is my first post so hopefully it is helpful.



Nice job man, love seeing posts like this. Certainly wish I acquainted myself with machining and tools earlier in life.

Just a tip, You may want to move the motor pulley closer to the mount and move the mount closer to the wheel to reduce the lateral stress your putting on the motor and shaft.

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Thank you. I pent the last couple days thinking of the easiest way to build a motor without aluminum this is what I came too and it is very very solid. I have been working in the shop since I was 4 or 5 with my dad, which I must say is so helpful just having the knowledge to be able to do this sort of stuff.

Nothing was bolted down in the pictures I posted because I don’t have fasteners yet. But thank you for the tip I’ll make sure when I do fully mount it that I will try and keep everything as close as I can. Any other thing you can see wrong?

Looks good so far, when you mount you should feed the phase cables backwards then loop around to the front, this will prevent undue stress on the wires and keep them from breaking too early.

Okay thank you I will make sure to do that. Thank you for the help and feedback

I’m not entirely sure that the U shape will hold everything into place. If it loosens, the belt will skip teeth and prevent you from braking. Please keep that in mind while riding :slightly_smiling_face:. On my build I occasionally need to tighten it, while the shape of my mount is adjusted to my Paris clones:

The u shape I got almost fit around the truck style I had perfectly without much rotational movement. I was gonna use some red locktite and get two little spot welds on either side of the u to make sure it doesn’t have any horizontal movemnt. But I will make sure to check the bolts every couple rides to make sure that they hold for me. Thank you for the feedback as someone else who has used that for a mount before and I have to build another mount still I like the way yes mounts alot more so I will probably do it that way on the next mount! Thank you!

I want to make my motor mount with U bolts too. Seeing as TehAtheist said they have a tendency to loosen, I thought you could install spring washers and put lock-tight. Anyway thats what i’ll try, I hope I don’t crash :stuck_out_tongue:

They make construction support simple. Yea that is what I’m gonna use red loctite, nylon nuts and lock washers as well as routinely check to make sure they stay tight… which should be good enough to keep them good. Or at least i hope for both our sakes haha.

let me know if the bolt ever get loose, also whats the point of using nylon nuts? Any advantage vs metal one? Or you meant the metal bolt with nylon inserts?

Okay I will I won’t be riding the board till later this month due to a trip I have but I’ll let you know how it foes once I start using It! Nylon nuts are locking nuts way less likely to come off.

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