A couple of questions

I have a couple of things Im trying to figure out, didnt want to make individual threads and even more clutter, so here we go.

1. Does anyone know the actual length of the Gullwing Sidewinder 2 10in trucks? I’m trying to figure out if they are the same length as the Evolve GT trucks. @zpoole27 180mm just like 10in calibers

2. There is a lip on the evolve axle, about an inch out from the hanger. Is that for the wheel pulley to ride on? Does it pose an issue for normal pulleys? @GrecoMan 10mm step for wheel pulley bearing seat

  1. Whats the lifetime, on average, for a AA battery in a Cree flashlight, that uses a single AA? Am using them in a lighting project, but wont use them often, so Im trying to decide if I should power them via step down converter or if the AA’s are good enough.

  2. Does anyone have a spare set of @okp 35 deg risers? I’ve been trying to get MBS Matrix II or MBS ATS 12 trucks on a Spud 29 for 2 years now. When he had them I couldn’t afford them, not I can afford them but there are none to be found. Help a brother out :slight_smile:

5. Awhile back some people were looking for 2in deep enclosures. Did anyone ever start vacuum forming this (@psychotiller)? @psychotiller 26” in length, up to 3” deep

that is all, thanks for your time, god bless and carry on :slight_smile:

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  1. i have no clue
  2. the step on the evolve axles is for the wheel pulley. it steps up to 10mm.
  3. nope
  4. i don’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. @psychotiller said he was upgrading his vac former a little while ago to make big ass one piece enclosures. not sure what happened to that :thinking:
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Is that a bearing seat for a bearing in the pulley? I wonder if I will have to lathe it to use standard aluminum pulleys or if it’ll be ok. Might just have to do some testing.

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yea I think you might have to turn it down if you use them

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  1. @psychotiller makes custom enclosures. I got one from him that was about 2 in. It was a two piece.

(Edit : @psychotiller you’d better give me 1% off on my next order because of all the free advertising or I’ll show up at your door with you-know-who’s mom lol)

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Sidewinders are 180mm just like 10inch calibers. The 10inch is measured axle tip to tip.

I dont know about AA batteries but rechargable lion AAs are awesome and last much longer than standard ones.

Yeah evolve trucks have that 10mm axle stepdown to 8mm for the pulley to sit on. You can use an 8mm bearing in their pulleys as well.

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Regarding power consumption of the light, best way to know is just put a multimeter in series with a battery connected to the flashlight and check the amperage, then just a matter of multiply that by the on time you need to get the Ah capacity for the battery you need (assuming same voltage).

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guess i will wait until evolve gets the front axles back in stick :frowning:

Or you could get the 6900Z bearings which are the same size as the 608 bearings but have a 10mm “bore”.

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Does anyone know the length of the Evolve Strut Street Axle - Gen 2?

Bahahaha. Man you guys are funny. I’m only waiting on parts to arrive and we will be making enclosures up to 26” in length, up to 3” deep and single piece.


I believe they are 240mm (± a few mm)

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  1. If your lighting project is a board headlight, I had this brilliant idea a while back. Streamlight makes a 1000 lumen picatinny rail mounted light that can use 18650 batteries and also has a pressure pad with a button for momentary activation or always on, and so I had the bright idea to bolt a short picatinny rail to the truck bolts on top of the board and run the pressure pad with my front foot.:grin::grin:
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Its close to that, but a ton cheaper and pretty cool. I’ll post about it as soon as I get the holes tapped and do a test run.

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I don’t want to hijack your thread but I have a question myself which might be pretty simple but I can’t find it anywhere. :wink:

Is there any harm or anything to worry about if the VESC is permanently on ? Does it drain the battery overnight ? Do i have to worry while charging ?

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Yeah, you don’t want to leave the VESC powered all the time, you would likely over discharge the battery plus if the VESC is on the VESC can suffer from over voltage/amperage or heat if there’s a battery issue.

Sweet!!! 10char

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Well… It seems #5 is answered… A few more to go :slight_smile:


I edited the initial post to show the questions that were answered.

I’m still looking for now is how long an AA battery lasts in one of Mini Zoomable Cree 7W 350LM Flashlights, like this one. I can do a test using a voltage/multimeter, but if someone knows a general answer I would rather not go to the trouble until I actually have this thing built.

I would love to get a set 30, 35 or 40 deg risers if anybody has a set. I’ve tried using plastic 15 deg risers stacked and its just not gonna work. That’s a quick way to street face as they just wont handle the torque stresses of heavy carves.

Also, if anyone has a spare Evolve GT front truck (Evolve Truck Assembly - Front) I’ll buy it, just trying to get this thing done :slight_smile:.

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