A design that makes every skateboard an electric skateboard in minutes

We believe every skateboard can be an electric skateboard, individuality and electric skateboarding can coexist. Hope you like this video.

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You just spamming man… copy paste work well for you? :smile:

Well, just want to spread the word :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a pretty cool idea. Although it needs a lot of refining. I like to ride my trucks mm’s from wheel bite. This would not be possible with your current design.

Keep at it though. I like to see different ideas.

Hi lowGuido, I’d like to understand your usage. Did you mean your wheel size is too big for my design to fit?

I think he means that at full turn, the wheels are mm’s away from hitting his deck. Because your system adds onto the top of the wheel, he’d have to either tighten the trucks (and decrease turning radius) or add risers.

Correct me if I’m wrong @lowGuido

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This is a problem I ran into early on. The deck could bump into the motor mount when you do a tight turn. I took care to maximize the clearance from the top of the motor mount to the bottom of the deck. It is 45mm from the center of the axle to the top of the motor mount. It has work well with boards with 60mm to 75mm wheels. It actually works on a board with 56mm wheels. There is usually enough clearance. Agree that some boards may need riser. I will have to scale the motor mount bigger for bigger wheels.

By the way, you can clearly see the clearance under the deck at the very beginning of the video. Do you feel it is enough?

yeah @cmatson got it. I can see that on some deck designs there wouldn’t be any problems. the pintail at the start for example seems to have plenty of clearance, where the penny board and the street deck seem to suffer. this is probably because of their smaller diameter wheels. obviously when designing a system that fits onto any board there are going to have to be compromises, I guess this is one of them.

Oh man compromises can really make a product suffer though. One of the compromises I had to make when I adapted an AC drill to my board was carrying around 12 miles of extension cord. That can really affect performance due to the extra weight. Also, getting tangled around cars and street lights at intersections was sort of a hassle. One time I was plugged into a campsite and hit the adjacent wooded bike trail and a few miles later a bear chewed through my cord causing me to lose power, so there’s that.

It just didn’t work out so well.


Yeah, I also had a hard time keeping my streets lined with Copper plate…somebody keeps ripping it all out and taking it to the recyclers…my hover board just sits on the ground steaming like a big pile of Crap…


Don’t mean to spam. Just eager to share a new video. Put in a lot of work for some improvements. Like to hear from you.

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Looking good! I think people may want it to look a bit sleeker though.

The concept is great! Convert any skateboard into an electric skateboard! It’s definitely a great marketing proposition. Its what allowed mellow boards to succeed with their crowd sourcing campaign. However their product looked really nice too which helps. People buy with their eyes first.

In practise your system seems a bit complicated. It looks a bit steam-punkish. It also looks like it’s expensive! Is it cheaper then just buying a motor & motor mount kit?

Because on the very basic level all you are doing is mounting a motor and driving a wheel. Except you don’t have a belt… but instead you have lots of extra springs and clamps and knobs to tweak, which I assume adds to the cost and increases chance of failure.

Personally I think you have managed to over complicate and over-think your design in order to hold onto the proposition of “convert any skateboard”

I realised a while back that designing electric skateboards is much easier when you start thinking of them in terms of being their own unique product. Yes at the end it is still a skateboard but it needs to be designed as an electric skateboard from start to finish. It needs to look great and be simple… Retro fitment is hard to do well.

Also, I think eventually hub motors will become so common that you can take any skateboard and make it electrically powered by swapping the wheel. So what are the features and benefits of your product that will position it in the market in a way that people will choose to buy it over the sleek and simple hub motor that essentially achieves the same result? “Converting any skateboard into an eboard”

Ask yourself; Why will people buy this vs a hub motor?

Is it cheaper? Is it easier to use? Does it look better? Does it work better?

Hope this helps. Good luck.


Really appreciate your thoughts and being candid, onloop! Please allow me to elaborate and share my thoughts. Mellow board is a great product. I am impressed by it. I am trying to offer a different approach on the basic conversion idea. Cost is definitely the main driver. Mellow’s minimum cost is about $1300US. If the board costs $200, the total cost is $1500 which is right around the cost of boosted board. The complete board offered by Mellow is about $1600. Mine will be offered at around $300 for an 1WD system. Although I’d like to drive the cost lower, $300 is practical for the initial volume I anticipated. Mellow kit comes with a truck and wheels. If their truck doesn’t match your existing trucks, you will have to replace the other truck and wheels. It is definitely a problem for the drop-through truck setups. My approach is letting you make use of every part of your board. That’s the flexibility I am trying to offer.

Your point on appearance if very true. A build-from-the-ground-up electric skateboard is much cleaner. My target audience are those who have a board, don’t want to spend a lot to buy an electric board, and want to have the option of an electric board. I am fully aware that this group is price sensitive. If this group doesn’t exist, I am doomed.

Ease of use was big on my mind. That’s why I did the tool-free conversion. The installation is fairly easy; not as easy as Mellow board though.

Hub motor is very nice. But it won’t fit the existing trucks with its wiring requirements. I still think the hub motor drags even when it is powered off. It makes an either-or situation. Mine can offer a truly drag-free mode.

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will that be for just the motor and mounting piece? or will it include the prototype electronics box you showed in the video?

if that’s for a whole system, it’s a hell of a good deal. For the one wheel, not as much, but I see were you are coming from when targeting people who already have a board.

Still kinda looks like this though…

It would have to offer “crazy sick” (@lox897 ) performance for me to want that hanging off the side of my longboard


Everything. Motor, mount, battery, remote, enclosure are included. Add about $150 for 2WD. I am still working through the supply chain, don’t hold me to the exact number though. In any case, I think $300 is where it NEEDS to be.

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It’s perfect for people who already have longboard setups, and don’t want to waste time buying caliber trucks and abec flywheel clones just to fit a motor mount on their board- plus the price is very competitive (If you can pull it off)

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Hope you don’t really think Flywheel clones and caliber trucks are the only way to put E-boards together…