A Favour From A Fellow Builder in France?

Hi my fellow France-living counterparts…!

I was wondering, would anyone be prepared to buy some items from Evolve (French website) and forward them to me in the UK please?

I’d pay you via PayPal and pay you for your inconvenience…

Many thanks :thumbsup:

No-one? :frowning:

@okp . . . A little help? :confused:

I could help. I’m in Switzerland though and their German site would be the way to go. What parts are you looking for?

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Thanks mate, but i don’t think they have it on the German site :frowning:

This is what I need: https://evolveskateboards.fr/products/bms-battery-management-system-pour-batteries-evolve-skateboards-7ah-10ah-gt-gtx

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Holy smokes,

How long has it been for sale on their website​:joy::joy:

I’ve no idea but I’ve been after it for AGES!! lol

I’ve placed two orders so far, both have been refunded back to me telling me I need to go to Evolve UK because they’re for “Customers in France only!”

I can do it for you if you want. You can PM me. I live in Nice France ; actually I come to London on 22nd December till 27th.

What du you need?


Thanks man! I’ll PM you :thumbsup:

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I’m getting dinner prepared so I’ll read your pm later tonight :wink:

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Hey, sure I can. Sorry for being late on this… yesterday was a wild day for me!


Hey that’s awesome, thanks man.

@Vanarian has said that he’ll do it for me already, so lets see if he has any luck, otherwise I’ll get on to you :thumbsup:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

+1 you should be able to get better results than me.

They just told me by phone they can’t sell me in bulk unless I do actually have said number of boards owned (Evolve French customer…) so I can’t help further :frowning:

I tried through motive of group buy.

Oh shit :frowning:

But you can just place an order for multiple items on their website…?

I would ask okp

They’ve removed the listing from their website altogether!!! :frowning: :angry:

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Dang that stinks