A few final questions before i start my build

I will be building my own 12s8p pack with an LTT BMS and a stormcore 60d+

  1. i wrote it down in the pic but my question is, what is the difference in wiring the red fuse wire onto the nickel strip vs. splicing it into the main positive wire as shown it diagram 2. Found this in a build video and noticed the different wiring which lead to this question, why not just connect it to the nickel vs having to cut into the wire?

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

  1. I’ve never really seen a build done using the antispark xt90 but i always hear alot about its uses on forums. I originally planned to use the replaceable car fuses as i drew in diagram 1. …A little confused on how its used,i thought the stormcore had a built in AS?

  2. its a molicel P42A pack running on 2WD, can i get away with 2 wires crossing each pack or should I do 3 as it’s what most people use?

  3. Do i need to have a specific battery charger to use incase the cells I buy aren’t all matching in voltage?

In the first diagram, the p- as charge should be on C- instead. But I think you got it.

Easier to replace I’m guessing. I haven’t really needed to do fuses since I only do Milwaukee batteries. Perhaps someone who does batteries like @TheRef can answer this. That’s if he’s not too busy of course.

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I do em like this.

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