A further lecture on Safety

A mate has had a mountain biking accident, is in an induced coma, brain bleeding, spinal damage, broken ribs punctured lung… :’( Dictionary definition of a gentleman, the nicest guy, wife, 2 kids… fucking sucks man. Is generally a cautious guy, he’s swiss, they even take walking poles for going to get bread and milk from the corner store.

Can’t drum it in hard enough to play it safe, helmets, pads, bracing whatever you need to do, if you are stepping up in speed you step up in risk. A fall at 35km is very different to 45. Think about those who depend on you, who love you and what they would have to go through should you end up like this.


My family’s hearts and prayers go out to him and his family. I hope he recovers quick. Gear up everyone, you have people to live for.


Safety must always come first, wishing your mate a speedy recovery.


Safety should be everyone’s top priority! Mountain boarding, eboarding etc, is dangerous, and that’s a fact. I home you mate has an easy and speedy recovery.

Sorry about your friend. Good vibes for a speedy recovery.

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What kind of helmet was he wearing? I always wear a skateboard helmet, but am thinking of getting a full face helmet. Are the face shield significantly more protective? Or is the face shield mainly for wind reduction?

The visor helps with wind and depending on it’s colour/how it’s made, it can polarize the light so you’re not blinded by cars or other reflective objects

Personally, I hate the idea of wearing my full face because I constantly get made fun of because " youre a pussy, bro" BUT I still do it every time.

You never know which ride is gonna be the ride you take a tumble on, or if that tumble is going to end up in your jaw slamming into concrete at high speeds… Always gear up…

My next ‘to do’ is some good gloves

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yeah but gloves are not very compatible with holding a remote…

Do you want hands? Because it doesn’t seem like you’ll have much left to work with if you were to fall hands first to the concrete going 20+mph…

It’s all a trade off. Same concept with a rubber :sob::joy:


You’re right, I will now hold and control my remote with my teeth ! Wait, but that means I must have a non-full face helmet… That’s just a loophooooole


Scrub, put your remote up your keester and train those kegals.

I agree with you though, there really isn’t an elegant solution. The flatland gloves looked nice but apparently they fall apart like paper mache


Yikes! Best wishes to your mate. Hopefully we get an update of recovery vs bad news.

I see it as a one fall glove like most helmets. Besides the wrist guard and palm pads this thing is pathetic, my $16 amazon gloves I’ve used for 3 years is holding up much better.

I think it really depends on your ride. There are times I just ride with a regular helmet, but that’s mostly for very short rides for lunches a few blocks away or on a quiet bike path away from roads. For long rides, test rides and group rides I always wear full face because I ride faster so a fall would likely be more serious.

Mind linking those gloves?

How do they breathe?

Unfortunately I’m one of the unlucky few who is almost always sweating through my hands, no matter the temperature. The hotter it gets, the worse it gets >:(

I wonder if when I’m 21 I can qualify for that sugery that stops my hands from sweating :sob: maybe I’ll be normal

I have no problem using normal slide gloves with my remote. I cut the puck in half with a hacksaw. I don’t know how it would work with a trigger remote but with the thumb I have no problems whatsoever.




You must sweat a lot in that thick leather glove. Protection is great but I just can’t do it living in California with the heat

Just look for Tactical Gloves on Amazon. But realistically if you are looking for fall protection, you need either slider pucks and/or wrist guards. My gloves are for potential fall but also my OCD about getting my hands dirty and unable to wash it during a ride


During the winter it is no problem. In the summer as long as I keep moving I am ok. Gloves are the least of my problems when it gets hot.



Well, I am in Greece, so believe me when I tell you that California summer does not scare me :sunglasses:

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My full face helmet saved my face getting chewed up after falling face first onto a dirt road. Front visor got scuffed up, meaning if it had been an open helmet, my face face would have gotten sanded on the ground. After that I also bought and started using elbow and knee pads.


Yeap, full face for the win. My board initially had thick rubber riser pads and was down right dangerous while accelerating because the whole truck would walk due to torque. (Not any more, the thing is stable at over 55km/h).

Went off at around 25-30km/h while wearing a 10kg backback. Full face saved my face.