A go at thermoforming- vacuum table

Sooo I have never been happy with my enclosures, they were either to square, too tall, or looked like crap. I also don’t have enough money to buy some of the beautiful enclosures made by members here … @psychotiller, @bigben, @MasterCho and @Eboosted all ring a bell.

I thought how hard can it be, so I went down to Bunnings and looked in the scrap bin and would you imagine what was there… everything I would need to make a basic vacuum table. I got everything for $3 and went off home to drill 225 holes into it. I sealed it up with some silicone looking stuff and its now ready for some hot plastic.

Half way there

After about an hour of hole drilling and many breaks

The Final product is this.

Up next is my ghetto style oven


Wich oven will you use? For me it was the hardest part, I made an oven from an electric bbq but it wasn’t good, temperature was not constant enough, I don’t know where you live but I bougt a big new oven for 50 euro’s :slight_smile:

Well I’m actually thinking along the lines of dual heat guns in box. Lol

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Hmm yeah, might work, you will use 3mm abs? Make sure the heat circulates good :slight_smile:

And yes it’s muchoss cheaper to do it yourself, like everything haha :wink:

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I hope so, I’ve heard of a few people doing it. I’m actually going to test styrene and abs. I couldn’t get any 3mm stuff so I got 5 sheets of 2mm styrene and 1 sheet of 4mm abs I think

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Yes other will be better to start, I’m trying now to do a simple vaccum from from 1mm sheet and than put some carbon fiber arround it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Sounds awesome let me know how it goes, I was thinking of using 1mm styrene and then fibreglass but it was going to become too expensive and more complicated than it needed to be

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This is my first test:

A carbon set costed me like 50 euro’s but I only use like 1/5 of it :slight_smile:


Looks really nice good work

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I think if I can get it good (nice shinny etc) it will be a hot seller :wink: So try to make it also, it’s not that hard

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Is that a low speed cordless screwdriver???

No it’s not I would like one though. It’s just a cheap 12v drill from my local supermarket. Tbh it’s awesome for the price

So I’ve finally made some progress. The styrene and abs sheets have arrived and I hope to do my first attempt later today. Any tips and tricks from the pros would be great

I’ve made the mound/buck and a little frame for holding the sheets while they are heated

I had a go at this A while back, unfortunately I made the build area slightly to small for doing enclosures. Got ahead of myself. But it works great for making canopies for rc aircraft.

It has a surge system, as well as a positive pressure system to keep the material from sagging. The action is run by air pistons

Good luck man… Just takes time looking good so far


Damn that’s a f*ing awesome idea. That looks like the coolest vacuum table I’ve ever seen, way cooler than mine😂